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Sunday, January 26, 2014

A new look & what we do in the winter

Well you may have noticed the new face of this blog!  I have had many people tell me I should post more... and that will be on of my new year's resolutions (at least for the farm). 

So yesterday, while poking around on the blogger website, I completely messed up our old format, and only noticed the "backup" option after I wrecked it.  So I spent some hours fixing things, and this is where it stands now!  There may be more changes afoot as I keep learning about the new format options. 
Suggestions welcome too!

What do we do in the winter?  After the markets end, we spend time cleaning up the fields, pulling up drip tape, and cleaning and putting all of the tools to rest.  Tools all sanded, oiled, and soaking up the last warm fall sun:

Lots of time goes to planning, seed and supply ordering, reviewing the past year, and figuring out how to make things better and easier this next year. Seed catalogs seem to be coming out of the woodwork, there are more every year!

I also work off-farm at an accountant's office, full time Dec-April.  This makes for a crunch-time in April, but it reliably pays the bills in the off season, and also gives me more experience in office managing and lets me learn more about taxes, accounting, and the business side of things.

Matt has been busy prepping fields, fixing broken things, and getting ready for the busy season.  He's been making soil mix, filling trays, and itching to start seeding them.  The whole blue barrel is full of soil mix that he's made.  The black trays will hold the first brassica seedlings. 

Since it's been unseasonably warm in Arizona for January, we've both been getting antsy about starting seeds.  We have to refer to our crop book to remind us that January may be a bit early for starting some seeds.  I write down all our seed starting dates and amounts which helps us review what worked and what didn't each year. 

While most crops will grow and do just fine to start this early, we won't be selling crops on a large scale until the farmers markets start in May, and our weekends up until the market will most likely be spent feverishly planting, rather than at the new winter market.  Hopefully next year this will be different, and we'll be able to attend the winter market before the May markets!  Stay tuned for updates as spring arrives, as we may have produce available in April for sale!

Lastly, winter is a time for rest and maybe some travel.  When we started farming, the "off-season" sounded like a great time for vacation!  We realize now that this is harder to do than it sounds, because on a farm even when the crops are slowing down, there is still work to be done!  However, as we get our farm systems in place, and have trustworthy friends to watch over things, each year gets a little easier for us to take off more time in the winter and leave town. 

I went to Austin, TX to visit my girlfriends from college, and got to check out the town's veggie scene as well.  There is a lot of vegetable love in Austin:

Check back for more as spring arrives!

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