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Thursday, June 7, 2012

June's happenings

June is a busy month for farmers -- markets are in their first weeks, planting is in full swing, and the weeds are really going to town.  It's a juggling act, between picking, weeding, planting, fixing broken things, and making sure the gophers don't eat everything before you get to it!  Somewhere in there we try to sleep a little, play with the dogs, and enjoy the bounty of food in the kitchen.

Matt built us a wash station at the farm and it has made a HUGE difference in our efficiency in harvesting and packing.  Before we were picking in the field, packing it in coolers, hauling it home, unpacking, washing, then packing it for market.  Yikes. Now we can pick, wash, pack all at the farm, and only haul it once!  Woo!
Beets in the washing line with Black Mountain in the background

Sarah with the most beautiful bok choy of the season.



More photos to come soon!

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