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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Congratulations Kimi!

Last month, Matt and I were hurriedly leaving the house and realized that Kimi was GONE. Kimi is the only farm animal who has been bestowed a name, so she has moved up a rung in the beloved animal rank. Her disappearance was disconcerting.
We looked around the yard and in the trees, but there was no sign of her. We thought maybe she had mistakenly wandered off, which was unlike her, and sadly gotten munched. Coyote? Bobcat? However, we found no tell tale trail of feathers. Raven?! No, she is at least 12 pounds, that would be a desperate and beefy raven. She seemed to have pulled a Houdini disappearing act, so we resigned ourselves to feeling like bad turkey parents.
The next morning, Matt heard a small purring noise, the sound Kimi makes when she's happy and content, coming from the horehound patch right behind the house. Kimi had cozied up, right under our noses, to hatch her eggs.

We are happy to announce our first Farm Born babies! Kimi the Royal Palm Turkey is the content mama of four and counting baby chicks. Let's hope they make it though the first few weeks, when turkeys are the most prone to dying. Once they get a little bigger, turkeys are pretty hardy and don't drop dead easily.

Just sleeping with their mom.

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