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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Return of the Markets!

Greetings! This was the first week of the Prescott Farmers Market! Thanks to all the great folks who turned out for the inaugural day. Lots of vendors, fresh veggies, garden transplants, live music, hot food, and more to come!

Matt is the meanest radish-stacker this side of the Mississippi:

This past week at the market from our farm:

Salad Greens
Swiss Chard
Radishes, French Breakfast & Cherriette
Green Garlic
Red Romaine Head Lettuce
Green Bibb Head Lettuce
Beet Greens
Bok Choy
Baby Bok Choy

I will be posting what is fresh from the farm each week, before the market so stay tuned.

There is so much happening, I think this might turn into a long post!

Not an aphid here nor there! Chopping an immaculate Bok Choy for supper last night:

Green times at the farm:

Ladybug larvae, our friends, are moving into the garlic patch. Not only fabulous lookers, their diet includes aphids and other pests.

Also, baby chicks have arrived! They are a little under one week old in this nap time candid:

Keep reading next week for a list of what we're harvesting! Also, it's the first week of the Skull Valley Farmers Market, so you'll find us on Friday in the grassy yard next to the store.
Again, thanks to all who made the first market a success!

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